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Stev, the CEO of MyPF talks with C-level executives, business owners, and founders on various topics of their expertise. Occasionally Stev weighs in as well with his own thoughts and opinions.

Format: (Originally recorded) Videos with minimal edits
Host: Stev
Description: An informal (and often impromptu) chat between Stev the CEO and founder of MyPF with business owners, founders and C-level executives.
Languages: English (primarily)

CEO00001: CEO Coffee Chat on StashAway with Freddy Lim, Co-founder & CIO of StashAway

StashAway Co-founder and Chief Investment Officer, Freddy Lim, in conversation with MyPF CEO and Founder, Stev Yong (who you don’t see in the video at all!) talks about benefits of using robo advisory and why a part of your financial portfolio should be invested overseas.

0:39 What % of an average investor’s portfolio should be invested overseas (outside Malaysia) & why?
4:28 How does an investor who is working with a personal finances advisor benefit from using robo advisory or digital wealth management services?
9:24 How can you explain in a simplified way StashAway’s ERAA model to non-finance professionals?
12:18 How will using StashAway be beneficial in justifying the additional layer of fees compared to buying ETFs directly?
15:57 What are StashAway’s future plans for the next 1 to 3 years?

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CEO00002: CEO Coffee Chat Budget 2020 Reaction with Rafiq Hidayat, Wealth Vantage Advisory MD

Wealth Vantage Advisory Co-founder and Managing Director, Rafiq Hidayat, in conversation with MyPF CEO and Founder, Stev Yong (who you don’t see in the video at all!) shares on his post-budget 2020 thoughts.

0:30 Helping Malaysians have more surplus money in their cashflow by increasing income & reducing monthly expenditure
0:50 Malaysia@Work initiative
3:00 Increase in minimum wage
3:40 Reducing expenses with fuel subsidies for BSH & non-BSH
4:40 Discounts for toll users & congestion charge
6:00 Increase in high income earners personal taxes; tax relief increase for kindergarten costs

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CEO00003: CEO Coffee Chat on Crafting My Personal Finances Plan with Stephen Yong, MyPF Founder at KC Lau Webinar

Host: Ian Tai from
Guest: Stephen Yong, Founder of
Original Stream Date: Dec 31, 2019
Topic: Crafting My Personal Finances Plan: From Understanding to Crafting a Financial Plan

2020 is just around the corner and we would like you to have a fantastic start in your quest to become more financially successful in the coming year. As such, it would be helpful to have a proper financial plan crafted out for yourself to raise your chances of realising your financial aspirations.

Hence, it is my honour to have invited Stephen Yong, Licensed Financial Planner and CEO of, a leading personal finance website in Malaysia onto my 1- Hour Webinar to share with us how we can craft our own financial plan to do well financially in 2020. We would discuss the following:

  • Understand the Process of Crafting a Financial Plan.
  • Key Components of a Comprehensive and Holistic Financial Plan.
  • How to Craft a Plan towards Achieving Personal Financial Success?
  • How to Craft an Investment Plan and Manage it Actively?
  • Setting Time-Based Goals to Kickstart Your Financial Journey in 2020.

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CEO00004: CEO Coffee Chat on Luno Malaysia Relaunch with David Low, South East Asia GM

Guest Name: David Low, Luno General Manager South East Asia

Event: Luno Malaysia Relaunch

Video Shoot Date: Nov 26, 2019

Luno is the first cryptocurrency exchange in Malaysia to receive approval from the Securities Commission (SC) in Malaysia. Here we chat with Luno’s General Manager for South East Asia on Luno and investing in cryptocurrency.

0:47 How is cryptocurrency investing in Malaysia and South East Asia compared to the rest of the world?

3:13 How is cryptocurrency evolving over time and what is the roadmap for Luno?

6:00 Why should one new to cryptocurrency invest? How do people use Luno’s platform and what’s the best approach to take?

8:10 How should one approach investing in cryptocurrency? Are there fundamentals for crypto investing?

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CEO00005: CEO Coffee Chat on Coronavirus and Malaysian Politics Impact on Financial Markets with Rafiq Hidayat, Wealth Vantage Advisory MD

Rafiq Hidayat, Wealth Vantage Advisory Managing Director shares on the impact of both the coronavirus epidemic and the current political situation on the financial market.

0:20: Escalation on reported cases in China and wave of sell off in global equity

0:39: The financial impact on Malaysia’s economy.

1:08: The current period of uncertainty.

1:30: What action can you take as an investor.

CEO00006: CEO Coffee Chat on Welcome to the New Normal with Stephen Yong MyPF Founder

Welcome to the new normal. The world will never quite be the same again after the Covid-19 pandemic.

How are you adapting, surviving or even thriving with the changes?

0:00:27: What is the new normal for MyPF?

0:01:32: What is new normal for me on a personal basis?

0:03:05: What is the new normal for personal finances and investing?

What is the new normal for you like?

CEO00007: CEO Coffee Chat on NoMoneyLah Work in Progress Show with Stev Yong MyPF Founder

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– How to get started with personal financial management in times of crisis?