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The Financial Doctor Show

A Vlog by Nik raising public awareness on what is financial planning and how it is relevant in our lives.

  • Format: Vlog (Video Blog)
  • Host: Nik Adlan (#NikFinancialDoctor)
  • Description: A financial Vlog on financial planning and it’s relevancy in our financial well-being.
  • Languages: Bahasa Melayu, English (+ Manglish lah)

S01E00: Pilot: Financial Doctor – Official Pre-Diagnosis (Teaser)

Official Teaser for The Financial Doctor Show! Watch short snippets of Nik getting interviewed on My Personal Finances PodCat, and upcoming episodes covering life priorities, your financial tank, and more!

S01E01: What are Your Life and Financial Priorities

What are your priorities in life? Why are these your priorities? Can you quantify and measure them? How do your life priorities relate to one another holistically?

S01E02: So Many Priorities But So Limited Resources

All of us have finite resources. How then do you allocate your resources towards your priorities wisely? What is the relationship between your financial funnels, your financial tank, and your life priorities?

S01E03: Filling Up Your Financial Tank

The Financial Doctor gives you the 4 factors to power up your financial tank! What factors should you accelerate on and what factors should you pull on your brakes.

S01E04: My Life Priorities Revisited

Real life 2nd diagnosis! The Financial Doctor revisits Life Priorities by sharing his very own financial goals. Learn what are Nik’s Life Priorities as a Muslim, husband, father, and provider aiming to retire in the next 15 years.

S01E05: Planning for Your Children’s Higher Education

The Financial Doctor shares the basics on education planning for your children’s college or university education. How much does it cost today and in tomorrow’s Ringgit? How will time and inflation affect the costs?

S01E06: Factors to Consider when Buying Insurance/Takaful

Nik is often asked “How much life insurance or takaful coverage do I Need?” The Financial Doctor provides insight on the 3 factors to consider when getting life insurance or takaful.

S01E07: Key Tools in Estate Planning

The Financial Doctor breaks down 4 key instruments in estate planning – Wasiat, Hibah, Amanah and Harta Sepencarian. Go beyond just gifts (hibah) and trusts (amanah) but learn what you can do for your estate distribution to loved ones and causes you care about.

S01E08: The Rakyat’s Financial Dilemma

Malaysians can identify being approached by many people pushing financial products to them. The Financial Doctor shares how to filter out the noise and avoid making a wrong costly financial decision.

S01E09: So What Do You Do Doc??

So ramai tanya – apa yang you buat sebenarnya #FinancialDoctor? (What do you really do FinDoc?) So today the Financial Doctor is going to talk about what he does as a licensed financial planner.

S01E10: The BIG WHY in Financial Planning

In the final episode for Season 1, Nik #FinancialDoctor talks about the misconception that you have to be rich to engage a financial planner. The truth is financial planning is increasingly affordable and helps you to achieve your life priorities (goals). Avoid making major financial mistakes that are going to set you back

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