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The Moneymalist Show

A Vlog by Adam talking about money in a minimalist and simple way

  • Format: Vlog (Video Blog)
  • Host: Adam Nordin (Licensed Financial Planner)
  • Description: A financial Vlog
  • Languages: Bahasa Melayu, English

S01E01: What is the MoneyMalist

Official Teaser for The Moneymalist series! Watch this short video as Adam introduce himself explains that this series will emphasize on a minimalist approach to manage money. These weekly videos will cover every aspect of money management e.g; investment protection, risk management, inheritance, and loans.

S01E02: A Tool to Remember

In this second episode of  The Moneymalist, Adam will talk about money as a tool in our life

1. Money is just a means to an end

If you want to buy something, you need to have money as a medium to make it happen. In this situation, we are very clear about the purpose of money. But along the way, when you start to have some commitment, you tend to look for money even though you don’t have any goal towards it.

2. Money as a useless tool

Money is just useless if it doesn’t have any purpose. When you don’t have any goal, you will just be wasting your money, time and effort. We don’t want to get emotionally attached to money because the more attached you are, the more it will wear you down.