An introduction to owning your own four houses and your big red bungalow.


A Brief History of Real Estate

Real Estate comes from the term “Royal Estate” as back in ye olde days of yonder, only royalty could own land. And basically all the peons peasants had to work, work for the rich. While it eventually became not quite possible to lord over everyone else, the “Lords & Ladies” of today’s world still own property & land in perpetuity.


What are You Investing for?

  • Before you even start looking at properties, you need to decide whether are you buying to rent out, to sell at a higher price (flipping) or rent then flip (or if it’s for your own stay)
  • This will affect the type & characteristics of the property that you are looking for.
  • The last property boom cycle has cycled out which may make looking for properties that meet your requirements more difficult (try looking for motivated sellers).





Should I continue renting or just sell my property?

  • If your property gives you positive cashflow, you may want to continue renting out your property as rents continue to rise.
  • However, if you can realize gains equivalent of 10 years or abo