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Nomiji… thus the seasons change;
And it’s autumn yet once again.

Nomiji… I recall the sweet, short spring;
With you, cherry blossoms blooming.

Nomiji… I recall the long summer;
With you, sweet heavenly shower.

Nomiji… yet autumn is beautiful;
Colours but remind me of you.

Nomiji… after autumn comes winter;
Cold yet warmed by hearts so tender.

Nomiji… seasons pass us by;
Beautiful… with you by my side.

~ Nomiji (2014) by Stev

Best Global Travel Destinations by Month

When and where are the best destinations to travel to unwind and satisfy your wanderlust. The timing is selected for alleged best weather conditions or special seasonal experiences you should not miss.


  • UAE – Dubai
  • Italy (low season)
  • Maldives
  • Switzerland (skiing)
  • Thailand


  • Australia
  • Canada (skiing)
  • China – Hong Kong, Shanghai
  • India – Goa, Delhi
  • Israel
  • USA – Miami
  • Mexico
  • Nigeria


  • Cayman Islands
  • Japan – Okinawa
  • Nepal
  • Switzerland – Zurich
  • Italy – Venice


  • Australia – Sydney
  • France – Paris
  • Japan (cherry blossoms!)
  • USA – Chicago, Los Angeles, San Jose
  • Canada – Vancouver
  • </