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Malaysia, being an oil producing country, used to have subsidies from the Malaysian government. On December 1 2014, Malaysia moved from a managed float system to a monthly petrol pricing. Then on March 29 2017, Malaysia moved back to a managed float system with the stated reason to allow consumers to enjoy a more stable retail price for fuel. A new petrol price is now announced weekly every Wednesday with the new pricing taking effect every Thursday at 12:01 am.

As of March 29, 2018 the petrol pricing has remain fixed with parliament dissolved and no changes to the petrol pricing leading to the elections. Malaysia’s new Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir has since released a statement that petrol prices will no longer be changed weekly, so as not to be disadvantageous to petrol dealers and difficult for Malaysians to continually track pricing changes. We await the latest official direction for petrol pricing in Malaysia.


How is Petrol Pricing Calculated?

The price of petrol is based on an Automatic Pricing Mechanism (APM).

APM Formula = Price of MOPS + Operation Costs + Profit Margin Oil Companies + Profit Margin Petrol Dealers + Alpha

  • MOPS: Mean of Platts Singapore which is a crude oil pricing
  • Operation costs: 9.54 cents per litre (fixed)
  • Profit Margin Oil Companies: 5 cents per litre (fixed)
  • Profit Margin Petrol Dealers: 12.19 cents per litre (fixed)
  • Alpha: Price difference MOPS with actual prices 5 cents per litre (fixed)

Monitoring petrol pricing changes indicates that prices do appear to generally match crude oil price movements.

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What is the Ceiling Price?

The ceiling price is the highest price that petrol stations can sell petrol at. However, government approval is required to sell petrol at a lower price than the ceiling price. Til this date, all petrol stations have priced petrol at the ceiling price which makes the pricing at all petrol stations in Malaysia the same.


Is RON97 better than RON95?

Is RON 97 which is more expensive better and provides more value compared to RON95? Tests conducted show otherwise. Using the “cheaper” RON95 actually provides better mileage by about 5-10% versus RON97 depending on your car model. RON97 does however give you slightly better performance at higher RPMs. Unless your car manufacturer recommends you use RON97 (or you are price insensitive), you may want to stick with RON95.


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