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  • Category: Payment, Finance
  • Use: AirAsia Flights, Big Points, Competitive Exchange Rates, Free P2P transfers (Read review)
  • Key Benefits: ~0.1% cash equivalent in Big Points from top up/spending. 0% fees on MasterCard exchange rates
  • BigPay promo RM10 free credit: CJMH6NBKMW

Boost App

  • Category: e-Wallet
  • Use: Mobile Top Up, F&B, Shopping, Pasar Malam, Food Trucks, Events, KLIA Ekspres, Parking (Read review)
  • Key Benefits: Cashback; Top up using AmEx for cashback/points
  • Boost promo code for bonus RM5: ste5fno


Fave – Deals & Cashback

  • Category: Coupons, (pseudo) e-Wallet
  • Use: F&B, Shopping (Read review)
  • Key Benefits: 5.0% – 10.0% coupons
  • FavePay promo code for bonus RM5: 882QJ

Funding Societies

Grab – Transport, Food Delivery, Payments

  • Category: Transport, Food Delivery, e-Wallet
  • Use: GrabCar, KLIA Ekspres, F&B, Shopping, Entertainment (Read review)
  • Key Benefits: 5.8% – 8.8% (Gold) earnings


    • Category: Finance, Investing
    • Use: Gold investing backed by physical gold
  • Key Benefits: Fractional gold investing. Dollar Cost Averaging lowest daily price auto-buying.
  • HelloGold promo code RM5 rebate with RM50 gold purchase (T&C): STEP4GZ5


MAE/Maybank 2U Mobile

  • Category: Finance, e-Wallet
  • Use: Payment (you don’t need a Maybank account), M2U
  • Key Benefits: send, request money, split bills
  • MAE promo code for cash rewards: syc0711


  • Category: Finance, Forex Transfer
  • Use: Funds transfer from Malaysia internationally (Read review)
  • Key Benefits: Lower rates for transferring funds versus traditional means
  • MoneyMatch promo code RM50 off transfer: REFMYPF

Rakuten Trade

  • Category: Finance, Broker
  • Use: Malaysian brokerage cash and contra (Read review)
  • Key Benefits: Low online brokerage fees, Points for trading
  • Rakuten referral code for free bonus Rakuten Trade Points on account opening: MYPF


  • Category: Finance, Investing
  • Use: Robo advisory global ETF investing (Read review)
  • Key Benefits: low fees, automated economic asset allocation model
  • StashAway Malaysia promo code 0% fees for RM100k invested for 6 months: signup link
  • StashAway Singapore promo code 50% fees for SGD50k invested for 6 months: signup link

Touch ‘n Go e-Wallet

  • Category: TnG, e-Wallet
  • Use: TnG RFID, Toll Rebates, Retail, MRT/LRT (Read review)
  • Key Benefits: TnG RFID usage, TnG Top-Up (via a physical terminal), Subway LRT/MRT (limited stations)
  • TnG promo code 5x Toll Cashback: 4qb6rk

Wahed Invest

  • Category: Investing
  • Use: ETF Investing, Gold Investing (Read review)
  • Key Benefits: Shariah-compliant (Halal) Robo-Advisory
  • Wahed Invest RM20 on successful signup with min RM100 investment with promo code STEVYON1



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