Is EBITDA, TIV & OTC causing you a brain GAAP? Don’t be a snowflake! Here we look to demystify commonly used finance-related terms, jargon, and Islamic financial terms

Updated: Oct 17, 2019


Economics and Business Jargon

  • AMCHAM – American Malaysian Chamber of Commerce
  • BLR/BR – Base Lending Rate / Base Rate
  • Brexit – a blend of the words ‘British’ and ‘exit’ which refers to the possibility of Great Britain leaving the European Union (EU)
  • Durables – Consumer goods lasting more than 3 years
  • Disposable Income – Personal income remaining after personal taxes & noncommercial govt fees have been paid. This $ can be spent on non-/essentials, saved or invested.
  • Excise (Tax) – Tax imposed on certain goods & services (e.g. alcohol, cigarettes)
  • EMEA – Europe, Middle East & Africa
  • FMCG – Fast moving consumer goods
  • Feds – Federal Reserve (System). Central bank & monetary authority in US.
  • FOMC – Federal Open Market Committee (branch of Feds) that determine monetary policy
  • GDP – Gross Domestic Product. Monetary value of all goods & services produced in a year.
  • Gig Economy – Freelance or outsourced work typically in services
  • GST – Government Service Tax (Also known as VAT in some countries)
  • Headwind – Force or influence that inhibits profess
  • IPI – Industrial Production Index
  • MAEI – Malaysian American Electronics Industry, an industry committee of AMCHAM
  • MGS – Malaysian Government Securities;  long-term interest-bearing bonds issued by Malaysian Government to raise funds for development expenditure
  • MTB – Malaysian Treasury Bills; short-term securities issued by Malaysian Government for working capital
  • NFP – Non-Farm Payrolls generated monthly by U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics of paid workers excluding jobs in general govt, private households, non-profits & farms
  • NIRP – Negative Interest Rate policy: an unconventional monetary policy tool whereby nominal target interest rates are set with a negative value
  • MIDA – Malaysian Investment Development Authority
  • OPR – Overnight Policy Rate; an overnight interest rate set by the central bank
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