1. Terms and Conditions

This terms and conditions discloses the practices for MyPF Services PLT (“MyPF”) applying solely to MyPF Sales Referral Program (“Program”) for referrals (“Referrals,” “Leads”) submitted by sales associates (“You,” “Sales,” “Associate,” “Referrer,” “Participant”) for prospects and clients (“Referred,” “Prospect”, “Customer,” Client”). The following MyPF Sales Referral Program Terms and Conditions (“Program Terms and Conditions”) contain important information about our program, so please read them carefully. These Program Terms and Conditions are a binding agreement between you and MyPF and will govern your participation in any and all Program offers. By participating in the Program, you agree to the Site Terms and Conditions and the Site Privacy Policy. You are not authorized to participate in the Program, if you do not agree to these Program Terms and Conditions in their entirety.

MyPF reserves the right to modify these Program Terms and Conditions at any time, at its sole discretion, and without notice to you. Participation in the Program is considered acceptance of Program Terms and Conditions and any modifications which might be made. MyPF may also, in its sole discretion, change, cancel, suspend, or modify any aspect of the Program without notice. MyPF also reserves the right to disqualify any customers or prospective customers at any time from participation in the Program.


2. How the Program Works

Qualified Referrals. A Qualified Referral occurs when:

  1. The Referrer, a Sales Associate of MyPF , clicks the Program link on the MyPF site and shares a Referral Program Link through email, Facebook, or social media with a person, the Referred;
  2. The Referred then purchases a subscription plan when they arrive at the Referrer MyPF website by clicking the Referral Program link shared by the Referrer; and
  3. When the Referred customer account and payment has been accepted by MyPF, the Referrer will receive a referral payment. When the Referred customer has received MyPF’s services for one year, the Referred will receive a referral reward.

Eligibility. To be eligible for participation in the Program, the Referrer must be a current Active Sales Associate of MyPF. Both the Referrer and the Referred must be at least 18 years of age. Referrer can refer Prospect for Premier subscription and/or a single Product/Service. The referred Customer must remain signed up for MyPF’s services for at least one year. MyPF reserves the right to find ineligible any Participant in the Program at its sole discretion. Referrer can only qualify for the Sales Referral Program and no other Referral Programs.

Free Premier 3 months. Referred will receive a 1 month Premier complimentary Premier trial subscription. Referred upon signup for an annual plan will receive 2 free months as part of a one year Premier subscription. The additional 2 free months is not applicable for Premier+ subscriptions.

Payment Conditions. Payment to Referrer will be given as a referral payment banked into the Referrer’s account on next following month after meeting all requirements. Rewards may be taxable, depending on the value of the item and the federal, state, and local tax laws applicable to the Participant. Participants a