How does estate distribution work upon passing away in Malaysia? This Estate Planning calculator helps you to know the details on estate distribution in Malaysia.


Estate Planning Calculator Tips

  • Spouse: legally married husband/wife
  • Issue: legitimate/adopted children and children’s children (if child deceased)
  • Parent(s): parents/adopted parents (excluding step-parent)
  • If there is no surviving spouse, issue & parent, order of priority
    1. Brother & sisters
    2. Grandparents
    3. Uncles & aunts
    4. Great grandparents
    5. Great uncles & aunts
    6. Government

Estate Distribution Costs

  • First RM25,000: 4.0% estate value
  • Next RM225,000: 3.0% estate value
  • Next RM250,000: 2.0% estate value
  • Next RM500,000: 1.0% estate value
  • Remaining balance: 0.5% estate value

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