Retirement calculator showing your total retirement funds needed using capital liquidation and capital preservation methods, and any possible shortfall.


Retirement Calculator Tips

A retirement calculator helps you to know your retirement funds goal and whether you will have sufficient monthly funds in your retirement years.

Monthly expenses is assumed to reduced by 20% upon retirement in line with reduced spending (e.g. reduced petrol, dining, clothing costs). You can directly modify the monthly expenses figure if you desire.

Two different methodologies are used being capital liquidation and capital preservation.

  • Capital liquidation: retirement funds will be used to fund your post-retirement expenses within lifespan until life expectancy age.
  • Capital preservation: retirement funds interest/dividends will be used to fund your post-retirement without touching the capital.

A surplus indicates that you will have sufficient funds available upon retirement while a shortfall (negative number) indicated your retirement funds is inadequate.

Monthly additional investment required to cover shortfall shows how much you need to save monthly if you have a shortfall in your retirement funds.

Work with a licensed financial planner on how to plan and improve retirement planning and investment planning to achieve your retirement goals.


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